• Mini USB Power Adapter

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  • Description

    Here’s an inexpensive and small USB power adapter perfect for DYI projects that need 5V DC power.

    As you might be able to tell from the pictures, this is _not_ an Apple product. It’s a cheap knock off (I’ll be honest) and doesn’t charge iPhones or iPads! (Works with some, but please do not try.) However it works pretty well as DC 5V power supply. Rated for 1A max, but I recommend using this with only up to 500mA or so, just to be safe.

    This adapter works perfectly well with Aurora 9 bar, Aurora mini 18 and Aurora 9×18 mk2. Works ok with Aurora 18×18 (the LED shimmers a tiny bit, due to the voltage dropping as the current increases).

Mini USB Power Adapter

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