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    Finally the full color upgrade to the ever popular R48. A60 has 60 RGB (full color) LEDs for smoother, super vibrant animation display.

    A60 comes with a non-rechargeable battery (CR2450). The battery lasts for about 2 - 5 hours depending on the animation pattern.

    Because of the increased number of LEDs (thus more power draw), the use of rechargeable battery (LIR2450) and charger is highly recommended. With those, you won’t have to keep buying batteries.
    The charger is very compact and plugs right into an USB port.
    Please note - included battery (non rechargeable) has lower voltage than rechargeable Li-Ion battery, so the LEDs will not be lit as bright as the rechargeable battery can.


    • 60 full-color LEDs produce beautiful colors.
    • A60 is fully assembled.
    • Comes with a non-rechargeable battery (CR2450, easily replaceable).
    • Battery lasts anywhere from 2 to 5 hours continuously.
    • 18 beautiful animation patterns preprogrammed.
    • “Demo” mode automatically runs through all animation patterns – changes every minute. (Activated by holding the button at the startup.)
    • Rechargeable battery (LIR2450) is also available as an option. This recommended option lights the LEDs brighter, as it has higher voltage.
    • The charger for the above is also available.
    • Dimension: 2.25 inch diameter, 0.4 inch thick (including the battery)

    Technical Details:

    • 60 common-anode RGB LEDs.
    • PIC24F08KM204 16 bit microcontroller @ 32 MHz.
    • Each LED is PWM controlled in 128 gamma-corrected levels.
    • The technical/design details including the source code can be found here.

    * This product is assembled by PCB:NG, a revolutionary turnkey small volume PCB assembly service, utilizing the state of the art automation.


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