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    Collider 60 is a very simple device – 60 LEDs on a square board, a knob in the middle. Lights run in a circle and the speed is adjustable by turning the knob.

    Connect two or more Colliders and see the magic happen. When the lights run and hit the same spot at the same time, they “collide” as though they are running bullets, making clicking sound and change direction. By adjusting the rotation speed of each unit, the “collision” happens at a different interval.

    The real fun starts with three or more units connected together. The results are no longer predictable.

    Collider reminds us how all complex things in nature is comprised of simple roles. When you have enough number of “simple” things reacting together, you get unpredictable and interesting results.

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    Collider 60 kit is an easy to assemble kit suitable for beginners. Relatively small number of parts are spaced apart enough so that the soldering is simple.

    Please note that Collider 60 is designed to be connectable. Unlimited number of units can be snapped together like tiles, in four directions.


    • 60 white diffused 5mm LEDs
    • PIC microcontroller is preprogrammed
    • PIC24F08KL402 16 bit microcontroller @ 32 MHz
    • Dimension: 4.72 inch (120mm) square, excluding the connector protruding
    • Snappable connector to tile multiple units
    • Unlimited number of connected units
    • Power: DC 5V
    • 100% through hole components for easy assembly

    Each Kit Contains:

    • 60x white diffused 5mm LEDs
    • 1x PIC24F08KL402 16 bit microcontroller
    • 1x 10k ohm Resistor (Brown, Black, Orange, Gold)
    • 6x 1k ohm Resistor (Brown, Black, Red, Gold)
    • 3x 0.1 uF Ceramic Capacitor
    • 1x 47 uF Electrolytic Capacitor
    • 1x 1N4148 or equivalent Switching Diode
    • 1x Tactile Switch
    • 1x Piezoelectric Speaker
    • 1x 20k ohm Potentiometer
    • 2x Molex Female header (3 position)
    • 2x Molex Male header (3 position)
    • 1x Knob
    • 1x PCB


Collider 60 kit

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