• Aurora 18×18 kit

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    This kit includes everything you need to build Aurora 18×18, plus mounting screws & nuts. Those screws can also help you when you solder in the LEDs, by giving the PCB a lift off the working surface.

    The smallest SMD parts are 0603 size, which is quite tiny. Naturally it’s very easy to lose them while assembling. Since it’s not much fun having to buy those little parts because you lose them, the kit includes a few extras for all 0603 size parts. There are a few extra LEDs included as well. Hopefully you won’t have to stop the assembly because you’ve lost a few parts.

    The diameter of the PCB is 7.04 inches (178.8 mm).

    Parts List

    • 4x 47 ohm (0603)
    • 324x 150 ohm (0603)
    • 18x 220 ohm (0603)
    • 21x 1k ohm (0603)
    • 4x 10k ohm (0603)
    • 3x 0.1uF (0603)
    • 2x 10uF (1206)
    • 1x 47uF (1210)
    • 3x DMP3098L (P-ch MOSFET)
    • 18x MMBT2222A (NPN transistor)
    • 1x PIC24FV16KA304 (preprogrammed with the firmware)
    • 1x GP1UX311QS or equivalent (IR remote receiver)
    • 1x Tactile Switch
    • 324x Tricolor LED (common-cathode)

    The kit ships with a PIC microcontroller preprogrammed. So you do not need a compatible PIC programmer to assemble Aurora 18×18 kit.

Aurora 18×18 kit

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