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    JT Filament is a battery powered filament LED lamp. Just like candles, JT Filament emits soft, warm light, however without fire. Powered by just one AAA battery (not included), JT Filament magically boost the voltage up to 70V to light the filament style LED. The soft glow unlike any other LEDs can now be had on your table without wires.

    Perfect for creating your original lamp by inserting into a glass tube or a bottle. The photo showing JT Filaments in 20x150mm test tubes. A PYREX 99445 glass test tube and a cork are included in a Complete Kit.

    The tilt switch turns on the LED when the unit is in upright position, and turns off when in sideways or upside-down.

    JT Filament uses only 12 through hole components. Assembly is very straightforward and beginner friendly. However, the fully assembled version is also available.

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    One AAA battery is required (not included). Alkaline or NiMH rechargeable can be used. Battery life is apox. 40 H continuously with Alkaline. Under typical daily usage of 2 hours/day, Alkaline battery can last over a month. (Battery capacity varies by brand, freshness and other conditions such as ambient temperature.) 

    Kit Contents

    • 1x 1k ohm resistor
    • 1x 100k ohm resistor
    • 1x 10pF/100V ceramic capacitor
    • 1x 0.1uF/100V ceramic capacitor
    • 1x 100uH inductor
    • 1x 1N4148 diode
    • 2x KSP06 NPN transistor
    • 1x 70V filament LED
    • 1x mercury tilt switch
    • 1x AAA battery clip (Positive)
    • 1x AAA battery clip (Negative)
    • 1x Printed circuit board

    Kit assembly requires basic soldering skills.


JT Filament kit

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