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    USB Filament is an USB powered filament LED lamp. Just stick into any regular USB port and enjoy the soft glow of the filament LED. 

    Just like candles, Filament LEDs emit soft, warm light. Filament LEDs are energy efficient - USB Filament drives the filament with 0.5W of power and it is bright enough to read a book. USB powered means you can use any USB phone chargers to instantly create rechargeable LED lanterns and more. USB Filament has voltage booster circuit to generate the 70V needed to light the filament LED.

    USB Filament kit contains only through-hole components. Assembly/soldering is very straightforward and beginner friendly.

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    Kit Contents

    • 1x 1k ohm resistor
    • 1x 47k ohm resistor
    • 1x 22pF/100V ceramic capacitor
    • 1x 0.1uF/100V ceramic capacitor
    • 1x 1uF/10V ceramic capacitor
    • 1x 100uH inductor
    • 1x 1N4148 diode
    • 2x KSP06 NPN transistor
    • 1x 70V filament LED
    • 1x Printed circuit board (PCB) with integrated USB plug

    Kit assembly requires basic soldering skills.

USB Filament kit

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