• Stereo VU Meter Kit

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    VU Meter seems to be the ultimate audio visualizer for any audio systems. Even though there are many options available, a simple, classic LED bar display are rather hard to find. This VU meter kit features switchable bar-graph / dot display and waterfall peak hold display that resembles the classic LED VU meter from the late 70's.

    Add this to your audio system for that extra listening enjoyment.

    The main circuit and the LED board are separate, to give you maximum options for installing into the enclosure of your choice. They are connected by only 8 pins, so extending is easy, too.

    Firmware has some useful options like Left/Right channel swap, scan direction reverse (the meter runs right to left).

    Firmware source code is open, so that you can tweak the functions to your liking as you desire.

    Please note that the power supply for this VU meter is DC 5V. Supply voltage higher than 5.5V can damage the components. Please only use regulated power supply.

    The most convenient and economical option is to use USB to Barrel plug cord, so that you can use an USB charger that you most likely have around as a regulated 5V power supply.

    - Download the schematics

    - Check out the firmware

    Kit Contents

    • 1x LM358P dual op-amp
    • PIC16F15323-I/P (Firmware preloaded)
    • 2x 1N4148 diodes
    • 1x 1N4004 diode
    • 2 x 1k ohm resistors
    • 6x 22k ohm resistors
    • 8x 39 ohm resistors
    • 5x 10uF Electrolytic capacitors
    • 2x 0.1uF Ceramic capacitors
    • 24x Rectangle LEDs (choose from two color variations)
    • 2x Tactile switches
    • 2x 100k ohm Trimmer pots
    • 2x TRS mini phone jacks
    • 1x 2.1 mm Barrel jack
    • 1x 8 pin 0.1" spacing right angle header, 8 positions
    • 1x Main board
    • 1x LED board


Stereo VU Meter Kit

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