• Wave JT - PCB only

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    Wave JT is a tiny LED sequencer or “Larson Scanner” on steroid. It has over 16 sequence patterns, and speed can be adjusted by double/triple tapping the button. It’s the most versatile LED chaser.

    Unlike other LED chasers, Wave JT controls each LED in smooth 7 bit (128 levels) brightness levels. The brightness curve is gamma-corrected like Aurora series, so the fades are visually pleasing.

    Not only Wave JT versatile, it’s also energy efficient. Wave JT runs on a single AA battery, and the battery lasts for days!

    Please view technical details and assembly instructions at instructables.

    Wave JT is made with 100% through hole parts. No surface mount parts!

    This item is just PCB. Does not include any other parts.

Wave JT - PCB only

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